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Are you and your brand looking at getting a delivery of fresh, new images each month without fuss? Let's do this! 

What are the benefits of Monthly Product Photography?

Monthly Product Photography is perfect for keeping your brand aligned! Monthly sessions with the same photographer will assist in keeping your brand vibe continually looking the same, as the aesthetic will be the same each month, the style will match each month AND you get to build a relationship with a pretty cool photographer (me!!). 
You also save your hard earned $$ in the process. 

So what is involved in Monthly Product Photography?

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I can use your products styled with other products + props suited to your brand vibes and aesthetic as every brand is so different and can be styled in different ways! Whether you like a natural / earthy look, a white and bright feel or a simple feel, it's do-able!

Styled images are perfect for social media, website hero images and marketing collateral.


Needing to boost your brand with some pro, hi-res & quality product images? 

Check out the goods below!

> Props (unless you require specifics)
> Time
> Hi Res Final Edits
> Processing to a private online album
> Flat-lay shots
> Wide angle shots
> Close ups shots
> E-commerce shots

> Website banner shots
> No cap on products


5 Hi-Res Images A$200

10 Hi-Res Images A$285

20 Hi-Res Images A$405

30 Hi-Res Images A$525

40 Hi-Res Images A$630

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Do you need to update your website or e-commerce store with some fresh e-comm shots?


I can shoot products with a neat, simple background which works perfectly for any online store or wholesale guide. 


All of my images are taken in a RAW format. This means when the final results are processed, image resolution quality is super dooper! This means images can be used for printing, web and socials at a much better quality. 

When you receive your online album, you will be given the option to download images in different sizes for different uses!


Group setting images are ALL of your products styled or placed together in the one image, if required! OR can be categorised in different products grouped together. Either way, it's do-able!


This builds a brand aesthetic for customers overseeing your brand as a whole!


Monthly Product Photography sessions also include:
Flat-lay shots
Wide angle shots
Close up shots
Website Banners

And there is no limit on how many products you want to include!

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1. Choose your monthly package!

2. Head to the bottom of this page and complete the Monthly Product Photography Brief!

3. Let's chat! I will send you an email confirming your new monthly package then we can chat the finer details and secure you some shoot dates!

4. A deposit invoice will be sent for your first shoot

5. I will confirm with you my studio address for you to send the goods

6. We can share a Pinterest board, mood board or you can share with me your brand guidelines to give me more of an idea of your vibe

7. Each month, we can chat new briefs, products and styles

8. On the date of your monthly booking, I create the magic and have your private online album sent to you within 7-10 days!

9. I will send you an invoice with the remaining amount owing.

10. BOOM! Your album will land in your inbox!

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*Please Note - All packages are a minimum 3 month commitment 

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How many images would you like a month?
Portrait or Landscape?
Type of images required?
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