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I'm so bloody glad your here! I'm Meg!
A lover of all things creative and photography so I have mixed it into one 'go-to' hub of creations ~ Kruz Creations!
​I'm your go-to Product Photographer,  Lifestyle & Business Branding Photographer, Social Media 'Pretty-up-erer', Reels + TikTok maker + more!
I offer strategic and aesthetic style based content creation for brands and people here, there and literally everywhere with having worked with over 300 brands nation and world wide. 


There are no rules with me. 


Let’s talk photos, then let’s talk about star signs, our favourite foods, and while we’re at it, let’s talk smack about our lives. I’m literally just an easy, breezy, ‘kruzy’ gal that will NEVER make you feel uncomfortable, judge you or make you feel un-wanted. I’m your creative support person, hype girl and biggest fan. I LOVE a laugh & exaggerated humour, relatability and being an absolute crazy ‘out-there’ nutcase on Social Media with my top IG Reel hitting 12M views (that’s a whole lot people seeing this face!) 😝

But I’m not a regular photographer, I’m a ‘cool’ photographer.png

Can I help you or your biz??


What is Product Photography? Well, basically that! Images taken of your products to be used on your online store, social media platforms and marketing collateral to help drive the sales of your products. And let's face it, a nice image makes your products look good right?

This is where I come in. I believe in getting to know your brand, your style, vibe & aesthetic to create you hi-quality content you can use in a variety of ways! 

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What is Biz Branding Photography?

This is a session strategically planned that allows us to gain a bank of cohesive and on-brand images... OF YOU! This is for the business owners, the entrepreneurs or the start-up brand owners!

Personal branding shoots are perfect for you to use on your website, marketing collateral, online shop and socials! Having all of this, allows you to show yourself off and put a face to your brand by story telling, creative funk + imagery!

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What is an Hourly / On-site Photography Session?


These sessions are suitable for:

Brands / businesses wanting to utilise a model or shoot location to showcase their products

Brands / businesses wanting me to come to your location to shoot in-house, whether it be items, models, products or the location itself

Brands / business owners wanting to photograph their staff, team or owners!


For Day / Night Events (Business or pleasure)

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Needing fresh new professional images for the gram, forever trending Product Reels/Tiktok Videos or basically everything down to writing your captions (that we all hate doing)? I GOT CHU! 


Want some updated photos of the kids? Or some family photos to send to the in-laws or grandparents? You've come to the right place! These sessions are my favourite of all time and how I actually got started in photography!


I thrive off big bellies and glowing faces during the final stages of pregnancy. 


No two shoots are the same, but they are and always will be about connection and capturing the beauty in creating life.

Your body is incredible and the miracle you have created being captured in the most realistic way possible is my priority, which is best suited to you.


"Meg is a genius! That's simply it. She absolutely is a master of her craft and she knows how to capture the essence of the person she's photographing. I've had the pleasure of working with Meg on a private shoot, family shoot and collaborating with her on a personal brand shoot. I would highly recommend Meg to anyone looking to have images that truly represent who you are. Thank you Meg!"

- Emma Lovell from Lovelly Communications


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